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Special Toys (SZ) Co. Ltd, a toy international trading company specialized in chemical and soft plastics toys.

Special Toys (SZ) Co., Ltd. located in excellent and modern Shenzhen central city, Room 703, No.10, Longgang Road, Longgang District, linked up with subway line 3 – Nanlian Station.

Green Toys (SZ) Co. Ltd. and Dongguan Sunjune Toys Product Factory are two subsidiaries of Special Toys (SZ) Co. Ltd.

Green Toys (SZ) Co., Ltd is mainly in production of chemical and soft plastics toys’ material.

Dongguan Sunjune Toys Product Factory is certified with various international verified certifications, e.g. ISO9002, ICTI, Disney etc. and responsible for the final package & export for the parent company.

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